Northern Illinois Ride to the
Slimey Cruds Spring Run
May 6th,2001

Welcome all bikers to one of the coolest bike happenings in the upper midwest.  Twice a year (1st Sunday in May and October) the Madison Slimey Cruds have a get-together in Leland WI.  Somewhere around 500 bikes show up.  I've been going for a couple years and last year we got a group of bikes together for the ride.  We had so much fun I decided to do it again.

Click here for a link to some pics from last fall's ride.  We had a diverse mix of bikes, including a Ducati, a Honda with a Honda on a sidecar, an EX500, a couple Harleys, an RD400, and a Yamaha GTS.

So, you are welcome to join us from north central Illinois for the ride to Leland.  See the details below and catch up with us at some point. Or, see you in Leland!

Starting Point #1

I live in Oregon IL so that's where I am going to start.  Meet at the Pizza Hut on Rt. 64 on the east side of town.
Pizza Hut Map
 I plan on being there a little before 8 am.  The plan is to leave there around 8.  If we know you are coming we'll wait until 8:15 before heading north.

Starting Point #2

From Oregon we will head north to Pecatonica IL.  We should be there a little before 9 am.  If you are going to catch up with us there meet at Peabudy's tractors on the corner of Rt. 20 and Pecatonica Road.
Peabudy's Map
We'll try to leave Pec at 9.  Again, if we know your are coming we'll wait until about 9:15 before we take off.

Starting Point #3

From Pec we'll take the back roads up to Monroe WI, and should get there a little before 10 am.  Meet on the square.  If you are going to haul a bike, you can leave your truck on the square.
Monroe Square Map

Leaving Monroe things get really interesting.  We'll hit some of the best (in my mind) motorcycle roads in the Midwest.  The roads will take us to Spring Green WI, and we'll almost be there.  Leland is a short hop north.  Take Rt. 60 east for a mile or so, then head north on County C.  When you a see a wide spot in the road and a bunch of cool bikes, you're there!

So join us for a great day.
Let me know via e-mail where you plan to catch up to us,
and we'll be looking for you.

Show up with a full tank of gas and be ready to go.

Round trip from Oregon is around 250 miles,
from Pecatonica around 200 miles,
and from Monroe about 150 miles.

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